Time for a lovely swim, heaps of ice cream and lots of fun in the sun!

However, as a pug mom or dad, you need to be extra careful when temperatures rise, as your puggy is extremely sensitive to the heat. Even more so than most other breeds, due to their breathing issues.

–> In case you didn’t know, dogs pant to regulate their body temperature. 

Dogs sweat a little through their paws and ear canals, but it’s not enough to fully regulate their body temperature. So if your dog pants a lot in summer –– even without extra activity –– he’s probably too hot.

As a responsible pug owner, you need to make sure your pug doesn’t overheat when the hot summer weather kicks in. In this article, we’ve outlined our top tips and 5 best products to keep your pug cool as a cucumber no matter how hot it gets.

First, some general tips and warnings before we get to the fun stuff.

Tips to keep your pug safe this summer

  • Always make sure your pug has access to shade and plenty of fresh water wherever you go (but not ice-cold, as it upsets their tummy). Bring your own bottle in case you don’t have access to water and a bowl like this one here.
  • Never ever leave your dog in the car, not even for a minute (yes, even if the car is in the shade and the window is left open). Temperatures rise by the second and your dog cannot lose the heat quickly enough by itself. Take your pug with you or risk losing your best friend 🙁  We cannot stress this enough!
  • When walking your pug, remember that asphalt is often boiling hot and can injure your pug’s sensitive paws. Walk your dog on grass as much as possible, where it’s cooler and after sundown. If your pug burns its paws or has damaged skin underneath, make sure to use a soothing balm to heal them.
  • Don’t let your pug run too much, especially alongside you or your bike in hot weather. Pugs already have a hard time breathing and running in warm weather is not good for your dog as they can overheat fast. Take shorter walks if it’s very hot outside, preferably in the shade, and take it slow.
  • Don’t let your pug swim for too long and use a doggylife-vest when you take them swimming. Again, because of their breathing difficulties, it can be dangerous and you risk your pugly friend drowning from over-exhaustion. Also use a doggy life vest if you go boating, in case they jump in.

Now, after those important warnings, let’s get to the fun cool stuff for your pug!

  1. Cooling Mat To Chill On
    Ideal for keeping your pug extra cool in the shade or indoors. And the best part? It automatically cools when it comes in contact with your dog and regulates their body temperature. That means no freezing or cooling in the fridge. It’s ready for use immediately and keeps your pug cool for hours at a time.

    Check out our cooling mats here.
  2. Cooling Bandana or Vest
    For on the go, or just when hanging out at home, a cooling bandana or vest is the way to go. The special PVA material works by water vapour to cool down your pug. Perfect for when you need to walk your pug in warm weather. The bandana and vests both have a safe velcro closure. Available in different sizes (make sure to measure your pug!) 

    Check out our cooling bandanas and vests here.


  3. Chilled To-Go Water Bottle with Drinking Cup
    Keep your pug’s water cool for hours by using this insulated water bottle, which has a cap that can be used as a bowl. Perfect for walks and on-the-go to keep water handy at all times.


  4. Fun, Fillable, Freezable Water Toys
    Your pug will love chewing on this one! This natural rubber chewing bone has holes in it so that water comes out when your dog bites it. Now if that’s not a recipe for a crazy, fun pug in the sun, we don’t know what is! But don’t give it to them indoors or you’ll instantly regret that decision! Check it out here.


  5. Shallow Doggy Splash Pool
    There’s nothing more fun for your pug to play with as a doggy splash pool! It’s important that it’s shallow, durable and has an anti-slip base for safe play, especially for those sensitive pug joints. Take a look at this doggy pool, available in different sizes. And the best part… no pump needed so it’s super easy to set up!


We hope you’ve gotten some ideas to keep your pug safe and cool this summer. Make sure you check out our whole summer collection for pugs including toys, accessories & more.


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