Pugs Love To Chew Anything & Everything

As a pug pawrent, you’ll know pugs can get up to all sorts of mischief. Mostly involving chewing things they shouldn’t. They’re such curious little creatures. They explore their world by mouthing, tasting and chewing. So they just want to gnaw and nibble on… well, almost everything really. 

Sometimes it’s cute. Like when they’re chewing one of their toys, a dental stick or a raw bone you’ve so kindly gifted them for being such a pretty puggy! But other times it’s not so cute. 

Some Pugs’ Chewing Gets Destructive

Like when they get attached to something you own. Your brand new designer shoes, perhaps. Only worn once. You turn your back for one second. Bam! They’re covered in tiny bite marks. Nooooo!!

Or when they get fixated on a certain spot for no apparent reason. Like that corner of your sofa, they love so much. Then you arrive home from work. Bam! They’ve ripped half your couch to shreds. Ahhhhhh… not again!

Problem Chewing Frustrates The Hell Outta Many Pug Pawrents

Pug parents often end up frustrated and annoyed at their pug’s destructive chewing. And you can’t blame them either. A crazed, squishy-faced pug chewing up everything in sight would drive anyone crazy!

But hey, it’s not like it’s their fault. Chewing comes naturally. It’s just instinct. They have natural urges that need to be satisfied.

But Pugs Are Too Cute To Be Angry At!

It’s so hard to get mad at your pugs! Ha! They’re just too cute. It’s not easy for pug pawrents. Because pugs are notoriously difficult to discipline due to their insane levels of cuteness! They’re almost too adorable to give out to 🙂

Staring up at you with those big, innocent eyes demanding treats for a job well done. Even though they just gnawed through your internet cable for the second time in a month.

You see, all pugs are chewers, but not all pugs are destructive chewers. So unless they’re causing damage, you shouldn’t view chewing as bad behaviour. You shouldn’t punish them for it. They can’t help it. It’s what they were born to do.

Replacing Pug-Chewed Household Items Gets Expensive

If your pug is determined to chew everything in your home, it can also take its toll on your wallet. Especially if you can’t find some way to stop the destruction. And if spirals out of control, you can end up spending tons of cash replacing stuff they’ve ruined. Ouch! 

It’s the one thing that drives most pug mums and dads up the wall. But luckily for you, there are a few things you can do to prevent disasters like this.

Things To Watch That Pugs Love To Chew

Pugs love to get stuck into all sorts of household items and objects. Here’s our list of top things to watch out for that pugs love to chew.

  • Wooden furniture – Some pugs love chewing anything wooden. Mostly furniture. They turn into little beavers. They can cause irreparable damage to furniture covering them in scratches, bite-marks and chew-marks. They’ll gnaw on everything from chair legs to coffee table corners, and from wardrobes to skirting boards. 
  • Soft furnishings – Some pugs love to rip apart couches, sofas, beds, bedding, cushions and blankets. Anything soft with a foam-like texture is an easy target. 
  • Small electronics – The latest iPhone is just another chew toy to most pugs. Same goes for any other devices, tv remotes or console controllers. So don’t leave them lying about. Otherwise, you’ll find bits of them scattered around your living room.
  • Cables & wires – Pugs love to pull apart wires and cables. It’s a game to them. So alarm bells should ring if you see them sneaking behind your tv. Make sure you tuck all cables and wires under your carpet or cover them using cable protectors. Your headphones, chargers and internet cables are also prime targets so keep them hidden.
  • Clothes – Shoes, slippers, flip-flops, underwear and clean laundry are other popular pugs playthings. They’re small enough to carry around and they’ve different textures that satisfy their chewing urges. Keep them out of sight if you want to wear them again.

Why You Should You Worry About Pugs’ Destructive Chewing

If your pug is destroying stuff in your home, you’re likely worried and concerned for a number of reasons.

Your Pug’s Health Might Suffer
Constant gnawing on random household items means pugs may swallow small pieces of material that break off from what they’re chewing. 

Tiny wooden splinters, small chunks of soft furnishings and bits of torn plastic can cause havoc with a pug’s insides. Swallowing them could cause internal cuts, bleeding or trigger an allergic reaction.

They Could Swallow Something Dangerous
Not only that but if they swallow something larger, they could get into more serious trouble. They could choke, block an airway or even need to be rushed to the ER to get their stomach pumped. In some extreme cases, they may need emergency surgery to remove something they’ve swallowed.

Here are some signs your pug may have ingested something foreign or toxic.

  • Persistent vomiting – gagging or coughing
  • Painful abdomen – they may yelp if you touch their stomach
  • More vocal – more grunting, whines and whimpers than usual
  • Reduced appetite – refusing food, not drinking
  • Changes in bowel movements – constipation, diarrhoea
  • Lethargic behaviour – moping around, not playing 

If you think your pug has swallowed something dangerous, you should contact your vet immediately. Don’t take any chances. Better safe than sorry.

Your Stuff Gets Chewed To Pieces
Pugs need to satisfy their natural urge to chew. Without proper chew toys, it’s easy to predict what’ll happen. They’ll chew on anything they can find. It’s that simple. And who wants furniture covered in bite marks? Or a broken, half-chewed iPad? Or expensive clothes ripped to shreds? Not many people. That’s for sure.

They’ll Bleed Your Wallet Dry
It’s so easy to flush money down the drain by leaving your stuff lying around for your pug to find. For most pug parents, it’s too expensive to replace everything they destroy. In most cases, prevention is better than cure. So if you can’t stop them gnawing everything in sight, you’d better hide away the valuables you want to keep safe.

Why Do Pugs Chew So Much?

Chewing is perfectly normal behaviour for pugs. But it’s triggered under different circumstances. So if you understand the reasons why they’re chewing, you can give them the right type of toy that’ll satisfy their chewing urges.

Like humans, pug puppies experience teething. It starts from around 12 weeks or so and can last up until about 7 or 8 months. 

Pugs’ baby teeth or milk teeth fall out causing discomfort, so they chew and bite everything in sight to relieve their sore teeth and itching gums. And yes, it’s normal to find their little teeth on the floor, stuck in a toy, or near their feeding bowl. So don’t worry. And it’s not dangerous if they swallow them. They’ll pass in their stool.

But be warned. Pug puppies look cute but they can be devastating during teething if you’re not prepared. Some pups turn into tornadoes of destruction. The reckless, fluff-balls of energy are notorious for causing havoc at this stage. So make sure you’re ready!

The best way to help your pug soothe the pain of teething is to give them plenty of playthings with different textures they can chew. Puppy teething-rings, chew toys, ropes and knots are perfect. That way they’ll have a range of things to chew that’ll satisfy the itching.


Does your pug chew stuff, but only when you’re not around? Well, how would you like to be left alone with nobody to talk to?! You’d be bored stiff too!

You see, pugs are super social dogs. They adore human company. They’re intelligent too. So they need constant mental stimulation. They love to explore. They love to be involved. They need constant attention to occupy their curious minds. 

Otherwise, they’ll get bored. And when this happens, watch out! Your clothes, furniture and… well, anything you leave lying around is likely to get some puggy attention!

So make sure you give them plenty of different toys to keep their instinctive urges under control. Chew toys and puzzle toys are ideal to keep them busy for long stretches. The more new things you give your pug, the less the chance your stuff will get wrecked. So it’s wise to keep stocked with various chew toys you can pull out when needed.

Separation Anxiety

Some pugs are super nervous lil’ guys. If they’re left home alone for too long, they can suffer from separation anxiety. They get worried, sad and anxious when you’re not around. And one way they comfort themselves is chewing. It’s their natural stress reliever. The poor squishy-faced, fluff-balls!


While separation anxiety is the main cause of pug anxiety, other things may stress them too. Like most dogs, they don’t like loud noises, unfamiliar places or strange large objects. So again they’ll often chew to cope. Constant pacing or barking are other telltale signs of stress. But chewing tops the list.

Lack of exercise
When pugs are out for walks, they burn off energy. But sometimes, if they don’t get enough exercise, frustration can build up. If they don’t have an outlet for this pent-up energy, chewing can help relieve it.

So make sure you walk them daily. Unrestricted access to a garden is also ideal to allow free-running. But make sure they can’t escape through any gaps in the hedge!

How To Curb Your Pug’s Destructive Chewing Habits

If your pug has destructive chewing habits, or you notice they’re chewing more than usual, here are some steps you can take to get the problem behaviour under control.

Give Them Durable, Built-To-Last Chew Toys
The safest, most effective chew toys to give your pug are made using pet-safe rubber by reputable, industry-leading brands like KONG, Pet Safe and Happy Pet amongst others. These are tough, long-lasting chew toys your pug can bite and chew all day long. Not only will they save your home from destruction, but they’ll keep your pug busy for hours.

Give Them Dental Chew Sticks
Dental chews are perfect for keeping pugs’ chewing urges at bay in the short term. They’re also ideal to help keep their teeth clean and disease-free. Give them dental sticks regularly and you’ll reduce the risk of teeth problems and expensive dental bills in the future.

Rotate Toys From A Large Selection
A sneaky way to avoid pug boredom –– so they don’t chew your stuff instead –– is to rotate their toys. Keep a large selection of different toys hidden away. From time to time, take out new toys, and swap them for the current ones. That way your pug will always have new toys to play with so they’ll never get bored. 

Keep Training Simple & Reward Good Behaviour
If you want to train your pug to chew on chew toys only. For the best results, keep training simple. It shouldn’t be complicated. So if your pug is chewing on a shoe, replace it with a chew toy. Then reward them with treats when they bite the chew toy instead of the shoe.

Use Deterrent Sprays
Use deterrent or aversion sprays to stop your pugs chewing stuff they shouldn’t. Simply spray whatever it is they’re chewing. The unpleasant, bitter or spicy taste is harmless, but it will stop them right in their tracks. Use them to discourage your pug from chewing and licking things like furniture, skirting boards, electrical wire etc.

Surprise Them To Fulfil Their Curiosity
Surprise them with enough ‘new things’ on a regular basis. Give them pressies often! This helps relieve any boredom and keeps them satisfied. All dogs love novel objects or things they haven’t seen before. They’re super inquisitive and love to sniff, taste and explore them to find out more about them.

Chew toys, soft toys, puzzles, ropes, knots, balls, dental sticks and edible chews are ideal. It’s the best way to distract them from everything else at home, so they’ll leave your stuff alone. Some toys even have in-built reward games, puzzles and challenges that’ll keep them occupied for hours on end.

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