Pugs Have Natural Chewing Urges That Need To Be Satisfied

If you’re a pug parent, you’ll know pugs love to chew, gnaw and bite everything they can get their tiny paws on. In this blog, you’ll learn how to pick the right chew toys that’ll keep their chewing urges under control, so they don’t destroy your home.

Chewing along with sniffing and licking is how pugs naturally explore their world. They love to gnaw and bite on different objects to find out more about them.

Most of the time it’s adorable (as long as they’re chewing stuff they’re supposed to!). Like when they’re chomping down on a raw bone. Or when they’re gently nibbling on their favourite chew toy. Or when they’re sucking on the ears of a soft toy like a soother. Aww… tiny, puggy baby 🙂

Destructive Chewing Drives Pug Moms & Dads Crazy

But with some pugs, it’s not cute at all. It’s destructive chaos with a side of deadly devastation. When pugs’ chewing gets destructive, wooden furniture, soft furnishings, small electronics, cables & wires and clothes are all prime targets.

If you don’t take the right precautions, your cute-looking, fluff-ball can turn into a tornado of destruction chewing up everything they can sink their teeth into. It’s the one thing that frustrates and annoys the hell outta so many pug parents.

Tables legs, coffee tables and chair rungs covered in scratches and teeth-marks. Sofas, beds and cushions torn to pieces. Shoes, socks and slippers ripped to shreds. Electronic devices covered in bite-marks. Cables and wires chewed to bits. The list goes on and on.

Constantly Replacing Stuff Your Pug Destroyed Costs A Fortune

It can take its toll on your wallet too. If they’re persistent chewers, you can find yourself constantly replacing stuff they’ve ruined. There’s nothing worse than spending your hard-earned cash on a new smartphone because your squishy-faced, wrecking machine chewed it to pieces. Ouch!

But never forget, it’s not your pug’s fault. They can’t help it. It’s instinct. Not only that. Without proper training, the poor little fellas can’t tell the difference between a chew toy meant for them and your new smartphone. So make sure you hide them away and any other valuables you want to keep safe while you’re not around.

Pugs Chew Naturally, But Different Reasons Can Trigger Destructive Behaviour

Chewing is a perfectly natural behaviour for pugs. They’ve instinctive urges that need to be satisfied. But it’s not normal for them to destroy everything in sight.

If you’re having problems with your pug chewing up your home, you should look into the causes behind this destructive behaviour. Here are some reasons why your pug might be acting out.

  • Teething
  • Boredom
  • Separation anxiety
  • Stress
  • Lack of exercise 

Read more here about how to deal with your pug’s destructive chewing.

Pugs Vary Wildly In Chewing Intensity

Depending on their temperament, age, individual personality and level of training, pugs can vary wildly in their chewing behaviour. So you’ll need the right toys for the right type of chewer if you want to avoid them tearing up your home.


  • Lighter chewers that nibble and bite with less intensity
  • More mellow and relaxed
  • Tend to be slow eaters and often playfully inspect their food
  • Unlikely to cause damage at home unless they’ve nothing to play with
  • Less common

You’ll need rope toys, plush toys, tennis balls and edible chews to keep these lil’ guys happy.



  • Tough, determined chewers that will gnaw and chew with ferocity
  • Wild balls of energy
  • Tend to be fast eaters and gobble their food
  • Likely to cause damage at home unless they’ve proper chew toys to satisfy them
  • Very common

You’ll need rubber chew toys, rope chew toys, chew squeakers, tennis balls and edible chews if you want to stop these stubborn lil’ fellas chewing up your home.



  • Devastating, relentless chewing machines that will destroy anything they sink their teeth into
  • Crazy, uncontrollable tornadoes of destruction
  • Tend to be super-fast eaters and inhale their food so quick they can’t breathe
  • Certain to damage your home if they’re left alone with nothing to chew
  • Quite common

You’ll need a wide range rubber chew toys, rubber squeakers and edible chews if you want to avoid your home –– and everything in it –– getting chewed to pieces by these crazed maniacs.


Reputable, Industry-Leading Brands Make Safer, More Durable & Longer-Lasting Chew Toys

It’s worth investing in reputable, well-known brands when choosing chew toys for your pugs. Simply because they’re safer and they’ll last longer.

Tested to rigorous safety standards
Industry-leading brands like KONG, Pet Safe and Happy Pet use quality, pet-safe materials in all their products. They also test them to rigorous safety standards.

Spending that little bit extra on your pug’s chew toys means you’ll get top-quality, chew toys. You’ll also get peace of mind your giving them chew toys that won’t cause them harm, injury or illness.

Durable chew toys that’ll withstand the toughest chewers
Investing in first-rate, premium brands means you’ll get durable, long-lasting chew toys that’ll withstand even the toughest, most determined chewers. No matter how extreme a chewer your pug is.

Whether you’ve got a tough, determined chewer that gnaws and chews with ferocity, or a devastating, relentless super destroyer that’ll wreck anything they sink their teeth into, you’ll find chew toys that’ll quench their ferocious chewing instincts

Not only are they the perfect distraction to stop your pugs from your chewing up your home and everything in it. But you’ll save tons of money in the long run. Because you won’t have to constantly replace cheap toys your pug rips apart in a matter of hours.

Pugs Will Rip Cheap, Generic, Store-Bought Toys To Shreds In No Time

You’ll find tons of low-cost, run-of-the-mill dogs toys in supermarkets and pet stores. Online too. But most of them are made for the average dog.

And as a proud puggy parent, you’ll know pugs are far from the average dog! Especially when it comes to chewing. In fact, pugs tend to chew more intensely and more often than many other breeds.

Cheap chew toys don’t last
Cheap, generic dog toys lack the durability to withstand a pug’s relentless chewing. Often you’ll find toys in stores and supermarkets made from flimsy, second-rate material that your pug will rip to bits in a flash. 

They don’t pose enough of a challenge, so pugs will turn to something else to satisfy their chewing urges. The corner of your coffee table maybe.

Low-cost chew toys can lead to emergency vet visits
Another reason to avoid cheaper chew toys is your pug can easily swallow bits of material that fall off as they chew. It’s super dangerous. Especially if your pug is an unrelenting chewer.

Swallowing torn-up pieces of material or fabric can cause serious harm. They could block an airway, choke or need to get their stomach pumped. In some cases, you may need to rush them to emergency surgery to remove what they’ve swallowed.

Not to mention tiny pieces of plastic, synthetic fabric or other harmful materials could cause an allergic reaction, internal bleeding or infection.

Check Out These Awesome Chew Toys Perfect For Pugs

If you want to stop your pugs’ destructive chewing, avoid expensive future vet bills and protect your home, invest in top-quality, chew toys from industry-leading brands like KONG, Nylabone, Pet Safe and Happy Pet. That way you’ll satisfy their chewing urges, keep them healthy, and save your home from destruction.

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