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Looking for ways to cool down your Pug in hot weather? Unlike humans, dogs don’t have the ability to lose their heat through sweating. They can only do this through panting and through the soles of their feet.

Help your best friend cool down by treating them to a delicious Easy Freezy dog ice cream from EasyPets — a tasty, plant-based refreshment made from only natural ingredients. 

Letting your dog eat an ice cream provides a stronger mutual bond, tasty hydration, cooling and a feeling of satisfaction, because licking helps many dogs to calm down. 

In the package you will find 2 bags of Easy Freezy powder mix per bag that make 3 medium-sized ice creams each. It takes less than 2 minutes to prepare the ice creams, so you’re done in no time.

Comes in 3 different flavours: Banana, Pineapple and Forest Fruits. The ice cream mix is ​​fat-free, lactose-free and low in calories.

Availability: In stock

✅   Delicious dog ice cream that helps cool down your dog in hot weather

✅   Easy to prepare ice cream mix, just add water — done in seconds!

✅   Ready to use after 12 hours in the freezer

✅   Made from natural ingredients

✅   Includes popsicle sticks (not edible)

✅   Provides a refreshing cooling on hot days and strengthens the mutual bond

✅   Perfect for anxious dogs because licking calms them down

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  • Throw 1 bag of Easy Freezy dogice mix in a bowl and add 160ml of water
  • Mix with a whisk the mixture well for 1 minute until it is a syrupy mixture
  • Pour the mix into the Easy Freezy silicone molds
  • Put the popsicle sticks in the mix
  • Freeze for 12 hours and enjoy

In the package:
2x Easy Freezy Dogice powder mix (good for 6 medium-sized ice creams)
6x popsicle sticks (not edible)
1x Explanation flyer

Note: Silicone ice mold not included.
Click here to get your mold.

Composition: Fructose, tapioca starch, pineapple, guar gum, natural aroma: pineapple, natural color powder
Analytical components: moisture 3.90%, crude ash 2.89%, crude fiber 0.30%, protein 0.25%, fat 0.20%

Availability: In stock


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