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You get home. Something suspicious catches your eye. What’s that on the floor? Mmmm… ripped-up bits of plastic it looks like. Where did they come from? Uh oh! What did your adorable-looking, mischievous Pug chew to bits this time?

They didn’t get behind the computer desk. Did they? Not again. You run to the other room. Noooooooo!! Torn computer cables everywhere. Wires chewed to pieces. Little bits of plastic all over the place. Well, you get the picture. 

Stories like this, and countless others like it, are common with some Pugs — Super Destroyers (as we call them).

It’s really tough on Pug parents with these aggressive power-chewers. If you can’t get their destructive chewing under control, it can put a serious strain on your relationship.

You love them, of course no matter what. But it’s so hard when they won’t stop chewing up your stuff. And you know how stubborn Pugs can get. They’ll break your damn heart. You don’t want to scold them. You don’t want to get mad. 

Staring up at you with those big innocent eyes demanding treats for a job well done. Even though they just gnawed through your internet cable for the second time in a month. But if they’re destroying everything you own, you got to do something. You can’t ignore it. 

Who knows? You could study for years to become an expert dog trainer. Then they’d obey your every command. So you could transform them into a well-behaved Pug that doesn’t destroy everything in sight.

But if you want a shortcut to SKIP all that. Here’s the next best thing. The KONG Extreme Ball & Rope is the perfect chew toy for Pugs with serious chewing problems. 

A strong & durable rubber ball with a tough rope attached for interactive play. Made from 100% cotton the rope helps clean teeth while it’s the perfect toy for fetch games, and pulling and tugging with your four-legged friends. 

So if you want to stop your Pug from destroying your home, this is the chew toy you’ll need.

Availability: In stock


✅   Saves your home from stubborn, power chewers. Made from ultra-durable, KONG rubber, designed for aggressive chewers that’ll satisfy your Pug’s endless urge to chew

✅  100% cotton rope ideal for shaking & tugging will satisfy natural instincts. Keeps your Pug entertained — even if they tend to get destructive alone.

✅   Round ball makes an attractive chew & fetch toy for your Pug while helping to clean teeth and massages the gums. 

✅   Prevents boredom & keeps your Pug busy for hours. Fulfils their need for play, helps reduce boredom and relieves separation anxiety — even if you have to leave them alone for a while

✅   Keeps your Pug engaged and ready to play. Super-versatile too — ideal for furious tugging games, dragging around and fun-filled games of fetch

✅   Twisted knotted rope woven to provide long-lasting outlet for natural chewing instincts while also helping clean teeth and gums. 

✅   Floss ropes help keep teeth clean and promote healthy oral hygiene — a great way to help prevent dental issues in future


KONG is a global leader in the pet speciality industry with a stellar reputation. Renowned for making built-to-last chew toys. Recommended by vets, trainers and dog-lovers for over forty years. It’ll fulfil your Pug’s need to play with everlasting fun.

The KONG Extreme Ball & Rope can withstand any stubborn, aggressive Pug with relentless, problem chewing habits. No matter how strong or persistent. It’s even used by police, drug and military K-9 teams, defense dogs and competition trainers and others.

Quality materials mean it’ll last longer than cheaper dog toys. The ones you’ll find in pet stores and supermarkets. They’d be torn to pieces within hours with a super destroyer Pug.

When you choose KONG, you’ll get extra peace of mind. You’ll know you’re giving your Pug toys made from natural, dog-safe rubber that’s safe for Pugs to chew.

So if you want to turn your destructive chewing machine into a well-behaved Pug that doesn’t chew up your home. Click the add-to-cart button and get your KONG Extreme Ball & Rope today. 


Is this suitable for your Pug?
Perfect for young and adult Pugs that destroy anything they sink their teeth into.


Product details:
Chew type: Super destroyers
Toy dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm
Material: Natural, extremely tough dog-safe rubber & durable cotton rope

Availability: In stock


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