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So you got a pug puppy! Amazing, congrats! Remember the first day you brought her home? Cuteness overload! Those doting eyes. That cute, curly tail. That squishy, wrinkled face. Those little paws. Awwww! The tiniest, most adorable creature you’ve ever seen. 

Ha! For now. Maybe yours hasn’t started teething yet. Because when she does. Watch out! One day you’ve got an innocent-looking, fluff ball. The next, a relentless, chewing machine biting and gnawing everything in your home.

Teething starts at about 3 months. And stops around 8. Sometimes later. So if you’ve still a few months to go, you better get ready. And if you haven’t puppy-proofed your home yet, you’re in for a nasty surprise.

If your pug has started teething, you’ll know the utter devastation she can cause at this stage. Especially if you’re not prepared.

🛋    Tables covered in bite marks, chair legs gnawed and couches chewed to bits.

👠   Chewed-up shoes, slippers and flip-flops (if you’re crazy enough to leave ‘em out!)

👛   From wallets, purses, and bank cards –– to cables, wires and chargers.

🛏    From beds, bedding and pillows –– to shirts, undies and bras!

Nothing is safe!

It drives pug parents crazy. Especially if you’re not expecting it. How can you stop her? What should you do? It’s super frustrating for first-time, pug parents. You can’t even get mad. Ever tried giving out to a baby pug? Good luck! It’s impossible. They’re too cute!

But you gotta do something. Otherwise, your pug might think it’s OK to chew your stuff. And that’s risky. It’s best to train that out of her. But you’re not an expert. You don’t have years of professional, dog training experience. 

You can’t wave a magic wand and turn your little chewer into a well-behaved puppy. Now, we’re no dog magicians. But if you want the closest thing. Here’s a trick you can use.

Pugs develop chewing habits when they’re pups. Any bad habits –– like chewing your shoes or your kitchen table –– will continue as she gets older if you don’t step in.

So it’s best to teach her proper chewing habits now. When she’s young. That way you’ll stop them from developing bad habits in the first place. 

The KONG Puppy is the perfect toy for teething pugs. Teaches your pug appropriate chewing behaviour and helps avoid problem chewing in adulthood. Ideal to stop destructive, teething pugs from chewing your stuff to pieces.

Not only will it stop your puppy’s wave of destruction. But it’ll provide extra protection for her gums and help develop her adult teeth.

Note: Unfortunately no choice of colour possible. You will receive either blue or pink.

Availability: Only 1 left in stock

✅   Protects your home from destructive, teething puppies. Satisfies your pups chewing urges during teething. So your home (and your stuff) won’t get damaged.

✅   Soothes puppy teething pain. Made from natural, slightly softer, KONG, pet-safe rubber. Designed for puppy teeth and gums. Soothes teething pain, relieves sore teeth and itching gums.

✅   Teaches your pup appropriate chewing behaviour. Encourages safe, healthy chewing and helps form good habits. So she’ll learn to chew her toys and not your stuff as she gets older. 

✅   Keeps your puppy busy, engaged and ready to play. Unique KONG shape causes an erratic, unpredictable bounce. Fulfils her need for play, helps reduce boredom and relieves separation anxiety. Ideal for fun-filled games of fetch that’ll puzzle her all day. 

✅   Stuffable hollow centre makes for endless fun. Easy-to-fill, inner cavity. Perfect for stuffing with tempting treats, kibble or your favourite recipes. Poses a mentally stimulating, long-lasting challenge that’ll keep her busy for ages.

✅   You’ll never waste your time cleaning it. Dishwasher-safe so you can chuck it in and forget about it. You’ll never spend time washing it out or wiping it clean.

✅   You’ll always have frozen, chew toy treats at hand. Freezer-safe so you’ll never be without ready-made, treat-filled KONGS. You can whip one out in a flash when you need it most.

KONG is a global leader in the pet speciality industry with a stellar reputation. Renowned for making built-to-last chew toys.

With millions sold worldwide, KONG is the gold standard of dog chew toys. Recommended by vets, trainers and dog-lovers for over forty years. Fulfils your pup’s need to play with safe, everlasting fun. And gives you an easy way to form a lasting bond with your pug as they grow.

The KONG Puppy is perfect for pug pups during teething. Satisfies your pugs chewing instincts, stops destructive behaviour, and builds proper chewing habits. 

Quality materials mean they’ll last longer than cheap, generic dog toys. The ones you’ll find in most pet stores and supermarkets.

And that’s not all…

They’re safer too. When you choose KONG, you’ll get extra peace of mind. You’ll know you’re giving her toys made from natural, dog-safe rubber that’s safe for pug pups to chew.

Not like those cheap, run-of-the-mill dog toys you see in markets and online. Who knows what type of low-quality plastic they’re made from? Better sidestepping them altogether. It’s not worth taking the risk, especially with your puppy.

It’s the best way to avoid your pup swallowing anything harmful or toxic. Cheap plastics or other synthetic material could trigger an allergic reaction. Or worse, cause her serious harm. And that’s the last thing you want.

So if you want to turn your destructive puppy into a well-behaved pup that doesn’t chew up your home. Click the add-to-cart button and get your KONG Puppy today. 


⭐️ Training tip: Feed your pug meals in your KONG. Mix regular kibble with a little wet dog food, yoghurt, peanut butter, or mashed banana. Prepare a few and chuck ‘em in the freezer. You can also fill them with special snacks to supplement their diet. Check out our snack range.

Which size is best for your pug?
Perfect for teething pugs that won’t stop chewing up things in your home

  • Chew type: Light nibblers
  • Rubber type: Soft rubber designed for puppies
  • Pug weight: Up to 11 kgs
  • Toy dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 8.5 cm
  • Toy weight: 57 grams 

Please note: No toy is completely indestructible. As with any other product, it’s best to supervise your pug when playing with toys. Check it regularly for damage. Replace it if it’s torn or missing pieces. That way you’ll avoid potential injury to your pug.

No choice of colour possible. You will receive either blue or pink.

Availability: Only 1 left in stock


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