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Ambassadog Favourite

Ever notice your Pug bores of some soft toys? Not their favourites, of course. You’d never dare to pry them away from your fur baby.

But other soft toys you buy. He loses interest straight away. After first inspection, he’ll ignore it. Well, maybe not after the first sniff. A little longer. You might see him paw at it. Or chew it for a bit. Or bring it to bed for a while.

See, if the toy doesn’t offer something more. Some mystery. Something curious. Like a beeper puzzle to him. Or a sound to keep him hooked. 

He’ll turn his stubborn, flat-face nose up at it! And that’s that. Game over. Bored now. What else is there to chew ‘round here?

And you know what happens when a pug gets bored. Oh-oh! Not again!

🛋   Table legs covered in bite marks. Coffee table corners destroyed by chew marks. Couches ripped to shreds.

👠   Shoes, slippers and flip-flops torn to pieces.

👛   From wallets, purses, and bank cards –– to cables, wires and chargers. 

🛏   From beds, bedding and pillows –– to shirts, undies and bras!

You name it. If your pug gets bored, they’ll chew it!

Drives you crazy. How can you stop him? What should you do? It’s super frustrating for pug parents. You can’t even get mad. Ever tried giving out to a pug? Impossible. They’re too cute!

Pugs are smart and curious. They need mental stimulation. Otherwise, they’ll look for other ways to pass the time. It doesn’t take much for a usually well-behaved, but bored pug to turn destructive.

But hey, it’s not your fault. You can’t be there all day every day to play with him. To keep him entertained. You need something that’ll hold his interest for long enough. So you can leave him alone without chewing your stuff.

The KONG Shakers Bones Flamingo is an adorable, soft cuddly toy. Ideal for pugs that bore fast with their other toys. 

This fun, long-lasting toy is super versatile. It adds exciting variety to your pug’s playtime. And it boasts the premium quality you know you’ll get with KONG.

Availability: In stock


✅  Helps curb destructive tendencies. Durable, long-lasting cuddly toy. Helps comfort your Pug if they get bored. Internal textured neck satisfies natural chewing instincts. So he won’t rip up your home.

✅  Squeaker encourages play and keeps them playing longer. Internal squeaker makes a curious beeping sound. Adds mentally stimulating fun to your toy box he’ll come back to again and again.

✅  Long neck ideal for shaking satisfies instinctual needs. neck and floppy legs will spark furious shaking and tugging sessions. Entertains your Pug for hours. Even if he tends to get destructive alone.

✅   Made from soft plush perfect for cuddling. Soothes and calms your Pug so he won’t get anxious. Ideal for bringing to bed for midnight snuggles.  

✅   Floppiness and length ideal for fetching fun. Perfect for throwing and retrieving. The reinforced plush design keeps Pugs tickled pink and playing longer.


KONG is a global leader in the pet speciality industry. Renowned for making built-to-last dog toys. Recommended by vets, trainers and dog-lovers for over forty years.

The KONG Shakers Bones Flamingo will fulfil your pug’s need to play with safe, everlasting fun. Better stitching means the stuffing inside won’t get ripped out, and the squeaker will stay intact, so it’ll last longer.

Not like most cheap, store-bought dog toys. The ones you’ll find in most pet stores and supermarkets. Look, we’re talkin’ pugs here! 

They’ll rip cheap, soft toys to shreds in no time. They’ll chew them up and spit them out in minutes. Especially generic toys from unknown brands. Whoever makes them has never met a Pug.

So if you want a soft toy that’ll keep your Pug playing longer so they won’t get bored. Click the add-to-cart button and get your KONG Shakers Bones Flamingo today.

⭐️  Training tip: Always use soft toys in combination with chew toys. Soft toys alone may not satisfy your pug’s chewing urges. Chewing intensity in Pugs can vary. To find the right chew toys for your Pug. Check out our range for Light Nibblers, for Tough Chewers, and for Super Destroyers.

Is this toy suitable for your Pug?
Ideal for younger pugs and fully-grown adults

Material: Plush polyester
Toy dimensions: 31 x 14 x 8.5 cm
Toy weight: 81 gr
Size guideline: Adult pugs can carry them in their mouth with ease

Please note: No toy is completely indestructible. As with any other product, it’s best to supervise your pug when playing with toys. Check it regularly for damage. Replace it if it’s torn or missing pieces. That way you’ll avoid potential injury to your Pug.

Availability: In stock


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