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Does your little furball shed like crazy? Fur everywhere. No other way to describe it. Even if you don’t mind hairs all over your clothes. You wear them with pride for sure.

But mini-balls of fur blowing across your kitchen must drive you mad from time to time. It’s the one thing that frustrates some Pug parents (other than a sneeze in your face!).

Endless shedding. Daily vacuuming. Little hair-generating machines shedding on overdrive. Eternally removing hair from your clothes. Pug glitter all over the floor, on furniture and on every blanket in your home. They say Pugs shed once a year. All year!

Sometimes it’s hard to keep on top of your Pug’s grooming. Life gets busy. But you shouldn’t skip brushing your Pug’s fur coat. It’s vital if you want a healthy, happy Pug. 

See, brushing helps distribute the natural oils in your Pug’s coat. It prevents painful mats which sometimes cause skin problems and wounds. Not only will regular brushing help form a bond between you and your Pug, but it also lets you spot any parasites or sores that may be lurking under their fur.

Petcomfort Grooming Glove is ideal for taking care of your Pug’s coat on a daily basis. This one-size-fits-all glove is suitable for sensitive Pugs who don’t enjoy the feeling of standard brushes. Offers a bonding experience while capturing hair from the outer coat. 

Availability: In stock

✅   Helps reduce fur build up in your home. Small rubber teeth on the palms trap loose hair and help smooth coat. So you avoid tumbleweeds of ‘magic Pug fibres’ building up in your home.

✅   Helps keep fur smooth and tangle-free. So your Pug avoids painful mats that could cause skin problems like fungal infections, parasites and sores.

✅  Use for dry brushing or in the shower. Handy, comfortable and multi-functional. Helps massage skin in the shower or condition coat. Perfect for Pugs with daily brushing rituals.

✅  One size and adjustable, so it always fits. Breathable mesh so it’s comfortable to wear with a Velcro closure so it won’t come loose.

✅  Makes skin massages better for your Pug. Promotes blood flow to the skin which ensures good circulation which gives a nice, shiny coat.

✅  Ideal for sensitive Pugs. Softer than a normal brush so it’s comfortable for your sensitive lil’ furball

Maybe you’ve struggled in the past with home grooming. But then you didn’t have handy grooming tools that made it easy. And you can’t be expected to do the job without the right tools.

Petcomfort Grooming Glove makes grooming your Pug’s fur coat at home stress-free and easy. Drastically reduces Pug fur build-up in your home and saves you money on overpriced dog groomers.

So if you’re looking for a simple way to cut the hassle from home grooming. Then click the add-to-cart button and get your Petcomfort Grooming Glove today.

Note: For use on outer coat only. With double-coated fawns, you’ll also need a deshedding tool to groom the undercoat.

⭐️  Bonus: Nab your FREE grooming guide here, right now. It shows you step-by-step how to groom your Pug at home.

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  • 1 x one size, adjustable dog grooming glove

Availability: In stock


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