Roadrefresher On The Move Gray Large 24 Cm


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Road Refresher Drinking Bowl For On The Go Gray Large 24×10 cm The Road Refresher is the ideal water bowl for on the road.

This container filled with water can be placed in any vehicle without the water sloshing out. This allows your four-legged friend to drink on the go, as needed.

The Road Refresher is a cleverly designed water bowl that thanks to a special construction ensures that the dog “slobber” 90% less. Ideal for in the car, caravan or on the boat.

The water bowl has velcro on the bottom and the supplied anti-slip strips ensure that the water bowl remains firmly and firmly on any floor.

At the top, by means of a click system, there is a ring that stops the accumulating water. If you accidentally kick the bowl now, there is no problem, the water bowl will remain in place and the floor will remain dry.

This smart design also ensures that the dog’s long ears and beards stay out of the water.

The Road Refresher contains a floating dish in which slots. These ensure that there is always only a small layer of water on the surface. This makes the dog drink much more calmly and less greedily, reducing spills by 90%.

The foam ring that is incorporated into the top is part of the road refresher and helps to ensure that the road refresher can do its job properly. Result: no slobbering dog and a dry floor.

Availability: In stock

-Remove the top ring and saucer and remove the Velcro strips from the tray.
-Pour water into the container up to the mark.
-Replace the saucer and the rim
-Secure the tray to a carpeted surface by pressing it. You can use the supplied self-adhesive Velcro strips on a smooth surface.

Size: 24 cm
Colour: grey

Availability: In stock


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