Trixie Harvey White / Black Dog Bed 50x50 cm


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Ambassadog Favourite!

Your Pug’s weird sleeping habits are guaranteed to make you chuckle. I mean, they can sleep literally anywhere. But every Pug needs a bed or basket they can call their own. Somewhere they can snooze, sleep, and cuddle their favourite toys — day, night or whenever they choose.

The Trixie Harvey Dog Bed is a soft, donut-shaped dog basket perfect for Pugs. The long-haired plush with soft polyester foam-flake filling makes it wonderfully soft and comfortable.

The high edge and integrated cushion give solid support for hips and back.

Plus the bottom is non-slip, so your little one can get in and out with ease without slipping.

Availability: In stock

High-quality, luxury dog bed. Tough seams and quality stitching means it’s built to withstand a Pug’s weight and size

✅  Solid sides with proper support. Soft firm cushioning with sturdy border to support your Pug’s back, hips and spine so you’ll reduce the risk of problems with their joints in future

✅  Non-slip base prevents sliding when your Pug stands up, lies down, jumps around, or wiggles his butt

Quality long-haired plush & soft cushion mean your little one will sleep in comfort whether taking a nap, cuddling toys, or snuggling up for a night’s rest

Helps Pugs feel safer & more secure when home alone. A comfortable, familiar bed reduces separation anxiety and helps nervous Pugs cope better if you leave them home alone

If you want to give your little one luxury, quality and comfort, click the add-to-cart button and get your Trixie Harvey Dog Bed today.

💤 Pug bed & sleeping tips:
Location: Place your Pug’s bed in a place where he won’t feel isolated. Somewhere he can rest, like the corner of a quiet, living room. But still be close to the action. This way he’ll never feel left out, and he can join in whenever he wants. This will help reduce whining and night-barking.

Temperature change or drafts: Keep in mind what may seem like a sensible sleeping spot during summer, may not work so well in winter and vice-versa — due to weather changes, temperature, drafts etc.

Availability: In stock


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