Trixie Junior Licking Tray Puppy - Mint Green 15x15cm


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Does your Pug puppy eat too fast? I mean, inhale their food. Some Pug pups are notorious for crazy-fast eating. Some even scoff their food so fast they can’t breathe. You’d think it was their last meal the way they gobble down their grub.

If this sounds like feeding time in your household, you might worry your little one’s guzzling could lead to health problems down the line. And you’d be right too. 

A risk with your pups wolf-like eating is choking on food they swallow without chewing. If your little one scoffs down their food too quickly, obesity, bloating and other weight-related problems are more likely in future.

And if your little guy often throws up after feeding time, you know it’s time to step in and do something about it.

An alternative to a slow bowl feeder, the Trixie Junior Licking Tray is super-effective if you want to slow your Pug pup’s eating. A round lick & snack plate for puppies. Ideal for keeping Pug busy with pâté, wet food or dairy products. 

Like you didn’t already know, Pugs love to lick (pretty much anything, really!). Licking has a calming effect, reduces boredom and relieves anxiety.

Availability: In stock

✅  Prevents Pug pups from eating too fast  — slows eating and helps prevent stomach upsets, burping, and stops Pugs throwing up after feeding

✅  Support calms and moderate eating — provides long-lasting distraction, which counteracts boredom and can help reduce gobble problems and choking risk

✅  Helps prevent your Pug from becoming overweight — so they stay healthy, active and avoid weight-related health problems down the line

✅  Made from high-quality, food-safe plastic with anti-slip rubber — free from harmful plastics and dishwasher safe so you’ll never waste time cleaning it — just chuck it in and forget about it.

The Trixie Junior Licking Tray is essential at feeding time for puppies gulp down their grub too fast.

Helps your lil’ Pug pup slow their eating, so they’ll avoid weight problems in later life and maintain a healthy weight as they grow. Vital to keep them fit, burn calories, keep good body shape, muscle tone, and a healthy heart.

And it means you’ll reduce the risk of unnecessary vet visits and help prevent expensive surgery in the future.

So if you want to slow your little one’s crazy-fast eating as pup, so they avoid picking up bad habits further down the line. Then click the add-to-cart button. And get your Trixie Junior Licking Tray today.

⭐️ Training tip: Mix in yoghurt, peanut butter, pate, or mashed banana for snack time that’ll drive your Pug wild.

Product details: 

  • 1 x Trixie junior licking tray — mint green colour
  • Material: Food-safe, thermoplastic rubber
  • Diameter 15 cm
  • Depth 4 cm

Availability: In stock


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