Trixie TX6 Automatic Food Dispenser


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A regular feeding schedule is a super important part of ensuring your furry friend stays healthy.

But for many, keeping to a strict routine isn’t always possible. 

Maybe you’re out of the house a lot, work in shifts or just find it hard to stick to a routine.

The Trixie TX6 Automatic Food Dispenser is an automated, feeding device that takes the hassle out of feeding your furry friend.

Perfect if you have to leave your little one home alone — and you want to make sure they never go hungry or thirsty.

Also ideal travelling, road trips and for bringing on holidays.

Fill one of the 6 food bowl compartments with up to 240 ml of food or water.

Set the timer to your chosen mealtimes — can be set up to 3x per day.

At the programmed time, the lid of one of the food bowls opens allowing your little one to chow down.

Simple! Now your fur baby has a regular feeding schedule — even if you’re not at home.

Availability: In stock

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✅   Feeding times can be programmed — up to 3 times per day

✅   Holds up to 6 servings at 240 ml each

✅   Meal sizes can be individually set for each meal — up to 3 × 240 ml can be set for a single meal

✅   Protective lid covers the control panel & settings (so your little one can’t change them!)

✅   Suitable for dry kibble, wet food or tasty treats — so you can vary meals without hassle

✅   Dishwasher-proof bowls make it easy-to-clean — just chuck it in and forget about it

✅   Display & tone signal low battery level so you’ll when to change the batteries — so it’ll never lose power

✅   Made with pet-safe plastic so you can be sure it’s safe for your little one to mouth and lick

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Wanna make sure your little one is fed on a regular schedule?

Then click add-to-basket and get your Trixie TX6 Automatic Food Dispenser today.

📗  Easy-to-program and comes with a detailed operation manual & instructions
🔋  Battery-operated (4 x C baby batteries)

Size: 32×10 cm
Contents: Maximum 6 x 240 ml
Note: Batteries not included

Availability: In stock


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