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Ever got a whiff of that Pug-gone-wrong smell? Then you know it’s Puggy bathtime. Which can be fun with some mellow Pugs. But a nightmare if yours is a wriggly little guy. Some Pugs even run from the sound of running sink water. Ha! They know it’s coming.

Some Pug parents worry they don’t bathe their Pug enough. Others worry they give them a bath too often. Both are kinda right. See, you should bathe your Pug around every 3 weeks. 

Pugs smell because they secrete accumulated body oils through their hair follicles. If you wait longer between baths, oils may block the skin pores causing an odorous smell. But over-bathing strips the oils from the coat leading to dry skin and hair. 

Even if they look clean and smell fine, you should stick to this schedule. Unless your Pug has a skin problem or fur issue. Then they might need more frequent bathing.

Vet’s Best Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo for Dogs is an all-natural formula for Pugs with sensitive skin. It cleans, moisturises and relieves itching. And helps to soothe dry, brittle coats. 

This unique, specially-developed shampoo, contains key natural ingredients such as aloe vera and Vitamin E. The ideal soap-free formula to improve Pug coat health and prevent itching. That won’t interfere with topical flea and tick remedies.

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✅   Gently cleanses, soothes and moisturises sensitive skin. Perfect for Pugs with sensitive skin and seasonal allergies.

✅   Relieves itching and helps to smooth dry, brittle coats. So your Pug won’t feel any distress from matted, tangled fur.

✅   A tearless, soap-free shampoo gentle on skin. Ideal for Pugs with dry skin patches that need relief.

✅   Will not affect topical flea and tick products. Works with other treatments. So your Pug won’t get an allergic reaction if you combine with another care product.

✅   Natural remedy –– contains key ingredients to moisturise. Softens Pug skin with aloe vera, and Vitamin E that comforts and helps relieve stress.

Vet’s Best make their products from a blend of premium quality and plant-based ingredients. Nature’s most powerful source of safe and fast-acting remedies. For over 35 years, they’ve provided vet-formulated, effective plant-based healthcare for pets worldwide.

Remember, never use shampoo for humans on your Pug. Dog shampoos are better, safer options. You never know how your Pug might react to products not designed for dogs. You don’t want to trigger an allergic reaction or something worse.

If you want to ensure your Pug’s fur stays clean and avoid smelling out your home. Then click the add-to-cart button and get Vet’s Best Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo for Dogs today.

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Product details: 1 x 470 ml bottle of Vet’s Best Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo

Ingredients: Aloe vera, allantoin, panthenol, vitamin E.

Directions for Use: Wet coat, pour shampoo evenly over the wet coat. Lather and massage coat for 3-5 minutes to allow lather to penetrate the coat and reach the skin. Rinse well. Repeat if necessary. Bathe as often as needed to soothe dry, itchy skin and haircoats. Avoid contact with eyes. Not recommended for use on nursing/ pregnant dogs. Keep your Pug warm until dry.

Availability: In stock


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